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Tamper Evident Shrink Bands to Secure Your Product & How to Measure for Your Cosmetic Packaging

Tamper Evident Shrink Bands  to Secure Your Product & How to Measure for Your Cosmetic Packaging

Tamper Evident Packaging Shrink Bands

What is a shrink band? 

They are made of PVC plastic, and they are clear bands that fit around the opening of a container such as makeup jars and cosmetic bottles. On the shrink band, there are perforations so it can be easily torn and remove from the product. Once the band is removed, it can not be reapplied; therefore it is one of the most effective methods of tamper-proof your product packaging.

Consumer confidence is a critical matter when it comes to purchasing decisions. A great way to ensure product contents are protected from tampering is using tamper-evident shrink bands. The perforated plastic seal gives consumers a measure of assurance that the product they are buying is brand new.

Shrink bands come in a wide variety of sizes for different applications. 

How to measure?

To determine the size of the shrink wrap band you need for your cosmetic container, measure the circumference of the object's widest point, then add 10-15 percent, then divide by two. 

For example, if you have a cosmetic container that has a 100 mm circumference, the equation would be: 100x10%=10 then add 10 to the circumference 100+10=110 then divide by 2,  110/2=55 mm. Base on this example, the ideal shrink band will be SKU# 9540 with a 57mm width. If the result of the calculation is in between 2 shrink band sizes, select the next up in the width size.

How to read the specifications of the band?

Specifications of the shrink wrap bands are listed as WIDTH x HEIGHT. So using the earlier example, SKU# 9540 is a 57 x 55 band with a width of 57 mm and height of 55 mm.

To install the shrink wrap band, simply slide the band over the area of the container that needs to be secured, apply heat with a heat gun, the bands will shrink to fit onto the container in seconds. You might need to cut down on the height of the band if you have an extremely low profile container or a limited space for the area where the shrink band is placed.

Before beginning production, be sure to utilize the trial lot of 50 shrink wrap bands to fully test for fitness to ensure successful production.

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