Closeout Plastic Cosmetic Jars & Bottles

Closeout deals on cosmetic containers, plastic jars, plastic spray bottles, plastic serum pump bottles, plastic spatulas, metal spatulas, airless pump bottles and more . . . .

Some of the items such as cosmetic containers and plastic jars were placed on closeout being that an improved version of the similar product have been made available to replace them.

All of the closeout items are brand new just like the items in our regular line with the exception that once the inventory is exhausted, they will not be restocked.

Additional closeout items such as disposable makeup applicators, artist palette, makeup brushes, cosmetic bag and many more will be made available, please do check back at the closeout category from time to time to find your deals.

It's important that you do not purchase items from the closeout category as trials to test for fitness for your project as the inventory will not be replenished once it is sold out.