Cosmetic Jar Sifter Sample Pack with Variety of Different Styles and Sizes

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Cosmetic Jar Sifter Sample Pack with variety of different styles and sizes

At Beauty Makeup Supply, we offer cosmetic jar sifters to match with the jars we sell so there will never be an issue with fittings. However, some of you may have already purchased the cosmetic jars from another vendor and in need of sifters to go with them. The fitting of a jar sifter to a jar needs to be precise. A sifter that fits too tight may eventually crack the neck of the jar, a sifter that fits too loose may fall out of the jar during shipping. Therefore, the precise fitting of jar sifters to jars is a must to ensure no breakage or leakage.
The Cosmetic Jar Sifters Sample Pack is a collection of all of the jar sifters we sell. There is one of each size, type and style of jar sifter in the pack. Each one of the jar sifter is labeled with our part number so in the event you find the correct match, you will be able to purchase the correct jar sifter by sku. All jar sifter are available with wholesale pricing based on the quantity.

Material: polyethylene

Quantity: 13


There are several different type of sifters we offer

  • Standard - sifters with holes in different pattern.
  • Sifter with seal - there is a plastic seal that covers the holes on the sifter so powder does not dispense to the jar lid during shipping. Once the product is sold and in the customer's hand, they can remove the plastic seal to expose the holes and dispense the product.
  • Rotary style - there is a bar on the top of the sifter to turn and expose the holes for dispense and cover up the holes for shipping or traveling.
  • Lift up style - there is a tab that you can lift up to open the sifter cover to expose the holes and dispense the powder products and snap it back down to close for shipping and travel.


Whenever you are packaging powder products, cosmetic jar sifters is necessary to prevent powder products flying all over the place when the lid is open. A cosmetic jar sifter is also a great way to control the amount of powder being dispensed thru the little holes. Be sure to always use cosmetic jar sifters when packaging powder products for professional image.


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