Press and Seal Foam Liners

press-and-seal-foam-liners-tamper-proof-beauty-container-sealer-33-mm-9433.jpgPress and Seal Foam Liners are designed to seal off beauty containers and prevent tampering. Press and Seal Foam liners are also used to prevent leak of liquid products.

It's an ideal way to make customers feel safe using your product knowing the product is brand new and it is not compromised in anyway at all.

The actual size of the Press and Seal Foam Liner is 1mm to 2mm smaller than the specifications. When choosing the liners, measure the diameter of the beauty container opening the add 2mm to 3mm to the measurement as the liner will need to curve down around the edges of the beauty container opening to properly seal.

It's important to always test product compatibility to ensure it does not degrade the liner over time. This happens more frequently with product contains high level alcohol or fragrance.

Press and Seal Liners does not work with certain design of containers. Be sure to purchase the smallest lot and perform fitness test prior to purchasing larger quantities.

For more information on the Press and Seal Foam Liner as well as instructions on how to use it, click here.