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Applying eyeliner: How it is done

Applying eyeliner: How it is done

Applying eyeliner: How it is done

The eyeliner is a cosmetic item that is used in such a way so as to give a little definition to the eyes. Its use and application are usually done around the contours of the eyes in order to create one or more aesthetic effects. The disposable fine eye line applicators are the perfect tool for women or makeup artists who would always want to keep their liquid eyeliner product sanitized because as the name implies, it can be disposed of immediately after use. For applying eyeliners, there are various sets of brushes that are necessary for successfully and effectively applying the eyeliner. Some of these brushes include; Disposable Fine Eyeliner Applicators, Disposable Dip Stick Liquid Liner Applicators etc.

How it is done: Pre Makeup

The major reason why it is very easy for the eyeliner to smudge is that the greasiest part of the face remains the eyelids. Before the application of makeup can begin, a little pre-makeup activity should first be carried out. For example, an alcohol-free makeup remover can be used to remove any oily residue stuck amongst the eyelids. Before applying makeup, reduce oily residue with an alcohol-free makeup remover. A light layer of foundation can then be applied with the aim of even out the base. A dusting of translucent powder can then be set over the lid as this will help to effectively set the color and absorb and reduce oils through the rest of the day. Applying eye cream on the eyelids during pre-makeup should be minimized or completely skipped to avoid slippery textures later on.

Makeup proper: Application of the eyeliner

In the application of eyeliner, the outer corner of the eye should always be the starting point and from there, moves in towards the nose. If the pencil liner is employed in this case, lesser amounts of pigments should be used up as the inner corner is approached. When liquid liners are in use, the tip should be pressed and applied way into the lash line so that it would all be applied gradually in small increments instead of being applied in one long stroke. A positive result of this is that your hand is steadier, and you gain control over where and how the color is placed.

The fingers can then be used in softening any hard lines thereby giving the eyeliner a more lived-in feeling. The edges of the eyeliner can be blurred with a small pointed soft-bristle brush by gently pressing it into the lashes while moving it in small circles as well as making sure that the color is kept close enough to the lash line.

The application of an eye-shadow powder on top is the best way to seal the eyeliner successfully. With this in place, the eyeliner will stay longer, and it remains a very good way to experiment with color.

25th Mar 2019 Beauty Makeup Supply Blogger

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