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Be your own boss and start a small home-based health & beauty business

Be your own boss and start a small home-based health & beauty business

We have received numerous requests in regards to helping those that would like to start their own home-based small business in selling their creations. So many of you that has a full-time job and would like to make some extra money to sell products they created and place them in the 3 gram and 5 gram plastic jars to market them on-line. The most common usage of those type of plastic jars is cosmetic products such as eyeshadow, face powder and lip products.

For a small home-based business, so many people don't have the cash flow to begin. It's difficult to come up with the financial resources to purchase the ingredients and packaging material to complete the product. The most common request we received was asking if we could sell jars in lots smaller than 25 so they can make their first purchase and try to be a business owner. We agree it's difficult to start a business and definitely would like to support and encourage anyone who wants to be their own boss. 

We are happy to announce that as of today, we will begin to offer 6 different skus of jars in the lot-12 packaging so new business owners can purchase only 12 jars to start their business journey. The 6 skus are sku# 5014, #5017, #5030, #5033, #5038 & #5052.

Happy selling!

27th Nov 2014 Beauty Makeup Supply

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