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Cosmetic Jar Compatibility Selection & Why Beauty Containers Crack

Cosmetic Jar Compatibility Selection & Why Beauty Containers Crack

Cosmetic Jar Compatibility Selection & Why Beauty Containers Crack

Do you ever find yourself drowning in the huge selections of cosmetic jars and beauty containers not knowing which one will work with the formulation you have created? Let's take a look at them and put them into categories.

Glass Containers - They are non-porous and will be safe to hold pretty much any ingredient. The challenge is that it's usually more expensive and requires more consideration in packaging so it does not break during shipping.

Aluminum Containers - They are safe for "pure" essential oils. However, be sure to use the type of container that is paired with an air tight cap.

Plastic Containers - They come in a wide range of prices and some are rather inexpensive which is great to house samples for promotion purpose. They are also the most commonly used beauty containers within the health and beauty industry. 

Polystyrene (PS) - It has excellent clarity and stiffness. It also has a great price point. Perfect for dry products such as eye shadow, glitter, spice and so on. With it being stiff, the impact resistance will be less. Most importantly, it will not hold any formulation that contains oil. The oil in the product will attack the polystyrene and breaking it down. This incompatibility situation is most commonly described by users as "my cosmetic jars cracked!" Click here for an examples of PS cosmetic jars.

Polypropylene (PP) - It has the ability to withstand higher temperature during the filling process as well as stem sterilization. It has a better tolerance of chemical resistance therefore it can house a wider variety of ingredients than the polystyrene jars. The down side on this type of jar is the ability to handle extreme cold temperature. Click here for an example of PP cosmetic jars.

Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) - It has excellent tolerance to formulations that contains alcohol and essential oil. However, it does not provide resistance to high temperature applications such as filling process or sterilization. Click here for an example of PET cosmetic jars.

For every single project you are planning, it's important to always perform proper fitness test prior to production to ensure success in the process. For this reason, Beauty Makeup Supply offers each one of the jars with a trial lot of 5's so you can perform the fitness test without having to invest a large sum of money just for testing purpose. Once the fitness test is concluded, the final selection to the type of jars can then be determined.