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Cosmetic Jar Sifters Flip Top Lift Up Style - New Product at Beauty Makeup Supply

Professional Cosmetic Jar Sifters

Clear plastic flip top lift up style cosmetic jar sifters designed to fit inside of the beauty container allowing powder and glitter products to dispense with ease. Once the jar lid is removed, simply lift up the ridge to open the sifter top and dispense the product. After the product is dispensed, simply press down the top and close the sifter. No more mess, waste of products or having product spilled onto the container lid.

  • The clear sifter is designed to fit BMS cosmetic jar sku #5014, #5017, #5033, #3036, #3037, #3038, #3039, #3056, #3057 & #3058.
  • Material: Polyethylene

Not sure which sifter will work with the jars you already own? Click HERE for the cosmetic jar sifter sample pack.

This amazing flip top lift up cosmetic jar sifter is a must for your professional cosmetic packaging. With this cosmetic jar sifter packaging, your client will thank you for thinking of them and they sure will return to purchase additional products.

Pricing available for trial, small business or large production. Be sure to always perform proper fitness test prior to production.

For more information on this flip top lift up cosmetic jar sifter, click HERE