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Cosmetic Packaging Marketing Trends in 2021

Cosmetic Packaging Marketing Trends in 2021

With easy access to the latest information in the beauty industry, consumers have demanded greater value and transparency in cosmetic packaging. 2021 promises to be an excellent year for cosmetic packaging, thanks in part to the new design trends popping up. Designers have shifted their focus from functionality to the aesthetic value of the packaging design.

Many brands are taking advantage of the cosmetic packaging design to create more awareness. For brands and designers looking to beat the competition, they must understand the latest trends in cosmetic packaging marketing and how to use them to gain a competitive advantage. Check out what the future of beauty packaging looks like.

1. Storytelling Packaging Designs

The packaging design will be taking a different twist. Gone are the days when beautifully designed packaging is all you need. If you want to beat the competition and make customers loyal to your brand, it's high time you took your packaging to another different level. One way to achieve this is to create a packaging design that tells a story as customers unbox.

While leveraging the storytelling packaging trend is vital for all businesses, it is an essential marketing strategy, particularly for online businesses due to the lack of a store-front experience. This way, brands can build a strong relationship with their customers, and one way to do that is by creating packaging designs that tell their brand story.

2. Artistic Illustrations

In 2021, consumers will be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing cosmetic products. For this reason, many brands will struggle to create a product designed to meet the customer's needs. The only way to capture the heart of your target audience is to create something unique and meaningful. That is why artistic illustrations in cosmetic packaging are considered one of the biggest ways to market your products in 2021. The packaging should come with detailed illustrations showcasing a series of transformations. Be creative and make your packaging design look like an artwork

3. Refillable Products

Back in the day, businesses use refillable or reusable packaging materials. For instance, the milkman collects and refills your glass milk bottles, and companies package dry goods in cloth bags that still have reusable value.

With the introduction of plastic, everything changed. Much of the plastics used as packaging are disposed of immediately after use. Today, companies are looking for ways to make plastic last in homes and not end up in the trash can or landfills after its first use. Many cosmetic companies are considering recyclable or refillable packaging.

So how do you convince consumers to return used plastic products? Many brands have made it easier for consumers. All consumers need to do is to send their used packaging through the mailman when they are ready for a refill.By doing so, consumers see how much effort your brand exert in making the environment cleaner and healthier. By incorporating this eco-friendly approach into your cosmetic packaging design, your brand will be at the heart of many consumers.

4. Neatly Structured Layouts

One of the major cosmetic packaging trends to look out for in 2020 is a neatly structured, ordered layout. The text and design should be neatly arranged, making it not just easy to read but also visually appealing. The way the typography is used in the design matters a lot. While this typography design trend is gradually making waves, expect it to explode in 2020.

5. Practical Value

Cosmetic packaging design must be suited to the taste and needs of your customers and anyone on the go. The newest packaging trends are taking into account designs and materials that are easy to use and transport. Containers are getting more compact to fit into bags and hand luggage for those who are always on the go. In some cases, brands now give consumers the option to customize their products. For instance, adding a family photo to the packaging design.

Many businesses are taking advantage of the exciting trends in color and an extensive range of design elements to create product packaging that will wow everyone that comes in contact with it. Don't be left behind; be the leader in your niche by taking advantage of the latest trends in cosmetic packaging.

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