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Disposable Makeup Applicators Let Customers Try Before They Buy

Disposable Makeup Applicators Let Customers Try Before They Buy

Whether you are displaying your cosmetics in a retail environment, your local farmers market, or at your customer’s kitchen table, one of the best ways to get someone to buy is to enable that person to touch, smell, and try your products. But how can you do that without spreading germs or contaminating your products for the next customer? Disposable makeup applicators provide the perfect solution, allowing customers to try before they buy. 

The Importance of Hygiene

It really cannot be overemphasized how important it is to provide clean tools for your customers. You probably have had the experience of seeing try-now samples at a cosmetics counter that have clearly been touched by unclean fingers or applicators. Now no one else wants to try that product. With disposable makeup applicators, you can use a fresh one for each person! No dirty fingers or messy Q-tips here. Your customers will know how much you care about their health when you provide clean, new applicators each time.

Avoid Spread of Infections

If you’re using unclean methods of applying makeup, you are at a much higher risk of spreading infections. What if one customer has a cold sore or pinkeye? The next customer who uses that product without a new applicator is at risk. As we mentioned in a previous article, cleaning your makeup tools is imperative even if you’re the only one using them, so imagine if those tools are being shared. You’re just exposing all of your customers, and that’s not good for business.

Improve Your Business Reputation

Everyone likes to try things before they buy them. We sit on sofas, lie down on mattresses, test-drive cars, and even taste foods in the aisles of supermarkets. So purchasing new makeup should fall under the same category. How will that lip gloss look on me? Does that mascara go on smoothly? These are questions your customers will have, and by providing them with clean disposable makeup applicators, you’ll be able to provide them with those answers.
Another benefit of allowing your customers to try before they buy is that your sales will likely increase. How many times has someone looked at a closed lipstick shade, wondered how it would look, and been unable to try it—so she’s walked away? When you allow your customers to try everything, they won’t have to walk away empty-handed. In fact, they’ll probably end up buying more!

Options Abound!

At Beauty Makeup Supply, we understand how much your business means to you, and we want to support you. We sell a number of different types of disposable makeup applicators, including lip gloss, lipstick, eyeshadow, and eyeliner applicators, mascara wands, and mini spatulas for trying creams and foundations. At as little as $.02 each, these are an excellent investment in your business and in your customers. 

If you value your customers—and we know you do—you owe it to them to stock up on disposable makeup applicators. You’ll improve their confidence in your business, reduce the risk of infections transferring between customers, and increase your revenue when you allow customers to try before they buy.