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DIY Cosmetics; Why to Make & How to Package

DIY Cosmetics; Why to Make & How to Package

As the DIY scene continues to explode, makeup has been no exception.

Why DIY?

There are several reasons for people opting to make their own cosmetics. Concerns over harmful ingredients and the price tag of expensive products are pushing people towards making their own. If the price tags at the cosmetic counters and stores aren’t scary enough, check out some of the product recalls in recent years.

Additionally, DIY cosmetics provides a way to make something unique and have a little fun in the process.

Where do I start?

If you are looking to start making your own cosmetics, I highly recommend Katie Wells’ article on homemade makeup recipes.

These recipes produce all-natural products that will look great and save you some money. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about toxic chemicals being absorbed into your skin.

Katie shares recipes for a variety of products from foundation to eye shadow. There are also a TON of other recipes online for everything from shampoo to makeup removers.

The scope of what you can make at home is really only limited by how much time you have and your creativity. If you do come up with a really cool variation of a recipe, it might even develop into a neat side business.

The possibilities are endless!

Need some more inspiration? Check out the recipes on Pinterest.

How to package?

If you’re already making your own cosmetics, you probably understand the importance of quality beauty containers and cosmetic jars. These containers provide a way to store your cosmetic and bring it with you while keeping your hard work secure.

Make sure to get a container that is appropriate for the type of product you are making. The best way to do that is to perform a fitness test to ensure the ingredients you are using is compatible with the beauty packaging you are planning to use. Some ingredients may cause plastic jars to crack or leak. After buying the ingredients and spending time making your cosmetic, cleaning it off the floor with a dustpan is less than ideal.

 Etsy and eBay are great places to get affordable containers and jars for your homemade cosmetics. Quick shipping, low costs, and quality products are all reasons to go with a company that has been in the beauty packaging industry for a long time when you are shopping for your containers.

Additionally, you might consider getting some small containers for travel so you do not have to bring your entire batch around with you.

Once you have tested the performance of the product and making sure the beauty packaging is adequate for the products, you can begin to make larger batches to start selling your cosmetics. In addition, learn how to properly label your products for sale.

Making your own cosmetics can be a rewarding and fun experience. Try getting together with friends and doing it as a social event. It can save you some serious money and better protect that flawless skin of yours. Be sure to get yourself some quality beauty containers and research best practices for storing.