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Finding the Right Plastic Bottle Packaging for Your Handmade Products

Finding the Right Plastic Bottle Packaging for Your Handmade Products

The role of product packaging cannot be overemphasized. Your choice of packaging determines product value, pricing, and marketability. Failing to choose the right product packaging will not only reduce its shelf life but also affect revenue drastically. You need to know that every liquid product reacts with a different type of plastic packaging based on its composition. For example, your product may experience paneling - a condition where one-side of the container collapses, giving the bottle a rather weird shape, feel, and look. If this happens, no one will pick such an item from the shelf.This is why you should always lookout for the right plastic packaging that works perfectly with your liquid handmade products.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Liquid Products Packaging

The right product can make the difference between your products arriving on the shelves right on time and potential damages to goods that may likely end in the trash, loss of revenue due to refunds, or in the worst case, possible legal issues.

If you would like to improve marketability, and boost sales, check out the following factors to consider for product packaging

Packing Material

Packaging materials matters a lot. It can affect your product quality and how long it stays on the shelf. For instance, choosing a porous plastic can cause air to seep through or make the scents less potent. Know that there is a plastic packaging option for different kinds of liquid, so be sure to do your homework.

The product composition, as well as the production process, can affect your packaging option. Be mindful of the temperature when filling the containers. Apart from temperature, other things that may react with your packaging include chemicals, oils, and other active ingredients used in the production process.

Here is a breakdown of the different types of materials for cosmetic products

1. Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET)

This material is the number one choice for cosmetic products. In its original form, this thermoplastic polymer resin is clear and sturdy. Liquid product manufacturers who find glass containers fanciful but appreciate the lightweight advantages of plastic would always go for PET bottles.

This material is clear, lightweight, a great oxygen barrier, and has high impact resistance.

2. Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE)

This see-through flexible thermoplastic resin has not only great resistance to cold but also impact resistance. It keeps the content in the container airtight. LDPE bottles is commonly used for products that require squeeze application.

3. Polypropylene (PP)

Polypropylene serves a wide range of purposes. It can be used both for packaging and labeling. Common uses include jars, bottle caps, and cosmetic products. It is not just rigid but also unusually resistant to acids and alcohol. PP bottles are much more fatigue resistant.

4. Poly Methyl Methacrylate (PMMA)

This material is often used as a perfect alternative to glass containers, thanks in part to its lightweight and shatter-resistant properties. It is commonly used for cosmetic products such as lipsticks, mascaras, and compact containers.


With the right professional design company, you can create a unique design for your product. These professionals will develop an attractive product packaging design that will draw the attention of potential customers at first sight. These designs can make your product find its way into the carts or shopping bags of cosmetic customers faster than imagine. While design plays a key role in getting your products noticed, you should also give priority to quality. Make sure your product delivers outstanding beauty results. If you are a startup company, you can always select an experienced packaging company for you to acquire the beauty packaging within a modest budget.


Another benefit of choosing plastic packaging is the color variant. Color plays a key role when it comes to branding. As a business owner, it is imperative that you have your own business card. What color did you use on your business card? Get a plastic packaging that matches the colors your brand represents.

Labels and Printing

Other options may include labels and printing. This piece of information should be designed to not only grab the attention of your potential customers but also contain vital details about your product. This is yet another way to sell your product without uttering a word.

Plastic packaging serves today’s packaging needs. It can be shaped into bottles, jars, and dispensing pumps. In your quest for the right product packaging, be sure to consider these factors. With the help of an expert packaging solution firm, you can get a custom plastic packaging that you truly deserve.

Finding the Right Plastic Bottle Packaging for Your Handmade Products

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