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How do I choose the correct size of cosmetic jars for my application?

How do I choose the correct size of cosmetic jars for my application?

In this challenging time, so many people are turning their skills into DIY cosmetics or skincare products. As they begin their research on the packaging to house their creations, the first thing they will realize is that there are so many choices out there in the very confusing market!

This is a common question we get all the time. We understand it's challenging looking at all of the selections of beauty containers and have no idea which one to purchase. Let's take a look at them and break it down to something less complex.

The measurement you see in the description of the cosmetic jars such as 3 gram, 5 ml, 10 gram, 20 ml, and so on refers to water weight and volume, not the weight of the product you want to place inside the container. For example, a 3 gram jar will hold 3 grams of water weight or 3 ml of water volume.

When you pick up a jar of face powder in the store, the packaging show 1 oz. Net. Wt. and what they are referring to is that the jar is holding 1 oz. of product, not the jar is a 1 oz. jar. 

How about things like face powder and eye shadow pigments. They should be the same weight vs. volume since they are all powder substance, right? No. Depending on how fine the powder is milled and the ingredient within the powder product, the same powder weight can still yield a different requirement of beauty container size.

Here are some useful references.

3 Gram Cosmetic Jar

1. about the size of a nickel, just a bit bigger.

2. hold up to 1 gram or 0.5 tsp of powder product.

5 Gram Cosmetic Jar

1. about the size of a quarter, just a bit smaller.

2. hold up 1.5 grams or 1.5 tsp of powder product.

10 Gram Cosmetic Jar

1. about the size of a half-dollar, just a bit smaller.

2. hold up to 3 grams or 2.5 tsp of powder product.

20 Gram Cosmetic Jar

1. about the size of a silver dollar.

2. hold up to 5 grams or 4 tsp of powder product.

30 Gram Cosmetic Jar

1. diameter is the same as the 20 gram jar but taller.

2. hold up to 8 grams or 7 tsp of powder product.

The above is for reference only so you have some idea where to start. To finalize your selections, you will need to fill the cosmetic jar with your product to see which fits the best. Also, for powder products, using a cosmetic jar sifter is a must, so upon opening the jar or when you dip your makeup brush into the product, the powder does not fly all over the place. Keep in mind, the above reference is for jars without the sifters in place. If you are going to use sifters in your jars, there will be much less product.

If you are new to the cosmetic jar industry and want to start your own DIY business, the best way is to purchase a few jars and perform some tests to see what works the best. Also, it's important to fully test your product for compatibility and fitness to the cosmetic packaging prior to production to ensure success.

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23rd Nov 2020

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