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How to Design Your Brand Cosmetic Packaging

How to Design Your Brand Cosmetic Packaging

How to Design Your Brand Cosmetic Packaging

We’ve all seen how customers get so much attached to their trusted cosmetic company, particularly when they are launching a new product on the market. In today’s business world, building a large customer base loyal to your brand seem to be a daunting task, but it needn’t be. All you need do is to create a cosmetic packaging design that will transform your business. Even with the increasing number of competitors in the beauty world today, effective design packaging can be all you need to leave your brand etched in the mind of your customers and gain their loyalty. To set yourself apart from the crowd, check out these design tips for cosmetic packaging.

1. Go Simple

In many instances, people recall what they’ve seen first by its color. Other factors, like symbol, shape, and lettering, are secondary. Simple cosmetic design can go a long way in grabbing the attention of potential customers. By using a great color combination and the right wording or symbols, the design should carry only the necessary information that users will find useful. Remember to go with colors that match your brand’s personality. Ambiguous packaging design can easily put off potential customers.

2. Use Design that Tells your Brand Story

One of the things that make your brand stand out from your competitors is your story. It is, therefore, crucial to creating a packaging design that tells your brand story and personality uniquely. Whoever buys from you believes in your vision. This can foster the relationship between your brand and customers. Your cosmetic packaging design must emphasize your brand story.

3. Put More Emphasis on Your Brand’s Logo

Another way to gain customer’s loyalty is through your choice of logo design. Simple yet creative logo appeals to many people. Many people do not like to see overwhelming logo details. Minimalist logo design can deliver even beyond your expectation. It is an indication that you don’t need an overly ambiguous design to pass your message across and get people to use your product.

4. Go For Eco-Friendly Packaging Design

Many customers will not buy your product if they learn that your products are not environmentally friendly. This is why it is wise to invest more time and money to make your brand’s cosmetic packaging eco-friendly. Your efforts to save the planet and make it safe with sustainable packaging will definitely be rewarded more sales and increased customer base. Choose design packaging options that can be reused or recycled.

5. Add Only Relevant Information On Your Packaging

People want to know what they are buying. So make sure you include all the necessary information to help customers make an informed decision. Some of the info you may want to gather and include on your cosmetics packaging design includes the following:

  • Expiration labels
  • Additional images and graphics
  • Image that indicates your product is safe for use
  • Warning labels
  • Ingredients

Some of the places to shop for your cosmetic packaging are:




Wholesale E-commerce sites

There are plenty of money making opportunities that await you in the beauty industry. It’s left to you to decide whether you want to take advantage of these opportunities or not. Investing in the right cosmetic design packaging attracts more loyal customers to your brand.

23rd May 2019 Beauty Makeup Supply Blogger

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