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How to do a smoky eye makeover

How to do a smoky eye makeover

Using the similar shade of lipstick and eye shadow usually gets boring no matter how much you love one particular shade, and in order to get over the monotonous look you should treat yourself with a smoky eye shadow on your eyes pairing it with a nude lipstick. Smoky eyes have always been a safe game, henceforth if you have an important event coming up you must always go for this look.


1.Before applying makeup, always remember to cleanse your face and moisturize it.

2.Keep make up brushes with you.

3.Buy the right palette containing right shades


1.Creating smoky eye shadow is not difficult, it is usually done by mixing three colors of the same hue.

2.Apply concealer under your eye and hide all the blemishes and dark circles before applying eye shadow.

3.Applying highlighter before the eye shadow is extremely essential

4.Black and grey are mixed together to create a smoky look

5.You can also get a special palette designed for a smoky look

6.Now take the contour brush and apply the eye shadow on the upper portion of your eye

7.Always start with the darker shade and move towards the lighter ones.

8.Use a blending brush to even out the shadow and make sure that it does not escape out of the eye because the escape definitely looks untidy.

9.Now apply eyeliner on your eye shadow using a angled eyeliner brush, typically a thin one would go flawlessly with a smoky eye shadow.

10.Apply mascara and lashes ( if you want to ) otherwise mascara would do just fine

11.Now clean out all the unnecessary make up from your face, if the eye shadow is dropping from the sides, make sure you clean it otherwise it can look quite cluttered.