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How to Promote Your Handmade Beauty Products

How to Promote Your Handmade Beauty Products

The COVID-19 pandemic has the world where it wants it – trembling under its feet. The pandemic has affected nearly every life and industry. Businesses are struggling to stay afloat due to low patronage. Manufacturers in the beauty industry have been forced to adopt new ways to market their products. Thanks to technological advancement, the digital world has introduced innovative ways to stay connected with customers regardless of location through various types of content, platforms, and channels.

Marketing Tips on How to Make the Most of the Situation

As we navigate through the pandemic and hope for an end in sight in no distant time, there are many ways to boost the sales of your handmade beauty products online. Check out some helpful tips on making the most out of the situation and boost sales during and after the pandemic.

1. Built a Community That Connects With Your Brand

Are you in the league of those manufacturers delivering top-quality handmade beauty products and services? You don't need to do much marketing job – your product will promote itself. The thing is, millennials become a part of the brand they love. That's why you must take advantage of the situation by creating a community of customers and fans online. Inspire customers not to hesitate to drop feedbacks on the products and encourage them to share beauty tips for other community members. More so, community members should benefit from special promo offers. Remember, your primary aim is to retain loyal customers and gain new customers' trust; hence building a lasting relationship with customers is one fine way to ensure your business stays alive in the market.

2. Boost Sales Using Influencer Marketing

Almost all internet users pay less attention to display ads, regardless of how juicy it looks. Some turn blind eyes to anything related to ads, while others now use ad-blocking technology to prevent them from seeing the ads.

If people ignore ads, how did they discover the latest beauty product introduced into the market? The truth is, many customers trust real people (influencers) over brands. What's more shocking is that they don't need to know these influencers personally before putting their trust in them.

The influencer industry is currently paving the way for businesses, both big and small. There is a great confidence boost when customers deal and interact with real people.

Look for the right micro-influencer to pave the way and influence customers to try out your product. In today's business world, influencers are the key to the heart of customers.

3. Invest in Social Media Ads

With many people spending more time locked up in their home and accessing their mobile phone more often than not, the returns on investments in Pay-Per-Click ads campaign is at an all-time high. Using this social media marketing strategy not only spreads your reach to a wider audience but also helps tell people that your business is alive.

Online ads allow you to scale your business easily. In addition to that, they are cost-effective ways to reach out to your target audience using many different factors, including age, location, marital status, hobbies, and gender. One of the more popular social media platforms to run a display ad is Facebook. Facebook ads tell customers the COVID-19 exclusive discounts or promo offers running currently.

However, there are ways to go about social media ads. Trying to run your ads on all social media platforms can end up to no good. Know where a large percentage of your target audience lies and focus on those platforms. For the beauty industry, Instagram ads and Facebook ads are a great place to start.

4. Collaborate With Other Businesses

Partner with other businesses and brands that serves your potential target audience. These industries include spas, hotels, gym centers, and fashion houses. Not only will this collaboration boost the value of your business, but it also offers new distribution channels. Customers will trust your brand even more, when you partner with a top brand.

As businesses begin to reopen gradually, you need to double your marketing efforts to attract more customers. Use these marketing tips to create more brand awareness and making sure the right audience is exposed to it.

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25th Mar 2021 Beauty Makeup Supply Blogger

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