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Luxury Twist Up Style Acrylic Airless Bottles - New Product at Beauty Makeup Supply

Elegant twist up style acrylic airless bottles creates more consumer interest hence increase product value

Airless pump serum bottles will prevent the product being exposed to air during use to prevent compromising the active ingredients as well as prolong shelf life. This twist up style airless pump bottle is very stylish and sleek in appearance and it travels well. It provides ease of use and minimizes waste as the product is being pushed up to the pump via a disc. The actual product is housed in a white tube and the outer body of the pump is a clear acrylic sleeve. Screen printing or labeling can be placed on the white area of the tube then slide on the clear outer sleeve to snap in place by using a pressing tool to close the pump and bottle

If an airless bottle is being filled by hand, be sure to fill slowly and eliminate all air bubbles. In addition, fill the product all the way to the neck of the bottle, otherwise, the pump may not function properly.

  • Capacity: available in 15 ml & 30 ml
  • Color: White inner body with clear outer sleeve


  • Inner Body - PP
  • Outer Sleeve - Acrylic
  • Pump - ABS/PP spray painted and hot stamp band

Before begin production, be sure to utilize the trial lot of 2 bottles to fully test for fitness to ensure successful production.

For more information and photos - 

15 Ml Bottles

30 Ml Bottles