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Press and Seal Foam Liners Add Instant Security

Press and Seal Foam Liners Add Instant Security

press-and-seal-liner-jar-bottle-20mm-9420-97246.1447192704.380.500.jpgAs a DIY creator and seller of top-quality beauty products, you know how important it is that your customers feel safe using your creations. You choose the best ingredients and oversee all aspects of creating your custom products, so that’s a great start, but what about adding another level of security? You can do that by using press and seal foam liners.

Commonly found on vitamins, oils, cough syrups, and peanut butter—to name just a few items—press and seal foam liners create a barrier that adds another layer of security beyond a lid. Placed securely on the top of the bottle or jar, liners provide a variety of benefits:

  • Protect against leaks. If your product is an oil or lotion, an additional barrier ensures the product will arrive just as it was intended when it was created.
  • Preserve freshness. Organic and high-quality ingredients have a shelf life, so protection from the air allows for a longer shelf life.
  • Authenticate product integrity. When a product arrives “factory sealed,” consumers know what you put in the bottle is still there—with nothing else added.
  • Prevent product contamination. Press and seal foam liners don’t allow anyone to add anything to the product en route from where it was shipped to consumers’ doors.
  • Strengthen consumer confidence. Even if you’re creating your products in small batches in your kitchen, a liner exudes professionalism. Suddenly, your customers think you’re bigger and better.
  • Ensure returned items remain secure. Should any of your products need to be returned, you’ll know whether or not they’ve truly been opened due to the seal.

Extremely cost effective, press and seal foam liners are as small of an investment as $.09 each. That’s a negligible amount for all the added benefits you and your customers will enjoy when you add liners to your inventory.

What You Should Know About Press and Seal Foam Liners

As you’ll see in a previous article, there is a trick to choosing the right size of liner and applying it to create the proper seal. You’ll need a liner that’s a bit larger than your container, and it takes awhile to get them to properly adhere, but once you have the hang of it, you’ll wonder why you waited so long to add security. And your customers will love them as well!

If you create products for sale, you owe it to your business and your customers to add press and seal foam liners to your inventory to protect against leaks, preserve freshness, and prevent product contamination. Check out our sizes and options and feel confident knowing you’re ordering a quality product that both you and your customers will love.