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Rotary Cosmetic Jar Sifters - New Product at Beauty Makeup Supply

Rotary Cosmetic Jar Sifters

When working with packaging powder products, cosmetic jar sifter is a necessary part of the packaging. Cosmetic jar sifter is a plastic dispenser with holes that fit right into a cosmetic jar.

The rotary style jar sifter is ideal to control how much powder to dispense without a lot of waste. Rotate the bar on the sifter until the holes are uncovered while dispensing and rotate the bar to cover up the holes for travel or shipping of the jar of products to avoid spillage.

Rotating Cosmetic Jar Sifters sku# 5055 is made of polyethylene material and it is designed to fit stock jar sku #3010, #3086, #3087, #3088, #3089, #5066, #5067 & #5068.

Before begin production, be sure to utilize the trial lot of 25 sifters to fully test for fitness to ensure successful production.

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