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Small Velour Powder Puffs & Pinky Puffs - New Product at Beauty Makeup Supply

Small Velour Powder Puffs & Makeup Artist Pinky Puffs

Powder puffs in a small size that can be used for face makeup touch up and a must have in the travel pouch. It is also an important tool for the makeup artist to wear on their pinky during the makeover session with their clients so they hand does not come in contact with the client's skin and disturb the makeup that has been already applied. It is often used in DIY craft projects as well.

  • Size: approximately 2 1/8" diameter & 1/4" thickness
  • Material: cotton velour and satin
  • sku# 5013

Before begin production, be sure to utilize the trial lot of 20 puffs to fully test for fitness to ensure successful production.

For more information and photos click here.