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Tamper Evident Cosmetic Packaging Shrink Bands - New Product at Beauty Makeup Supply

Tamper Evident Packaging Shrink Bands

They are made of PVC plastic and they are clear bands that fits around the opening of a container such as jars and bottles. There are perforation on the band so it can be easily tear and remove from the product. Once the band is removed, it can not be reapplied therefore it is one of the methods of tamper proof packaging.

They come in a wide variety of sizes for different applications. To find the size of the bands that will work for your cosmetic jars and beauty containers, measure the diameter of the widest part of the area that the shrink band is going to be placed and that will be the width of the band required.

To install the shrink wrap bands, simply slide the band over the area of the container that needs to be secured, apply heat with a hair dryer or heat gun. The bands will shrink to fit in container in seconds.

Before begin production, be sure to utilize the trial lot of 50 shrink wrap bands to fully test for fitness to ensure successful production.

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