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Enhancing Product Safety: The Role of Tamper-Evident Shrink Bands in Cosmetics Packaging & How to Measure

Enhancing Product Safety: The Role of Tamper-Evident Shrink Bands in Cosmetics Packaging & How to Measure

Tamper Evident Packaging Shrink Bands

Enhancing Product Security with Tamper-Evident Shrink Bands: A detailed guide on the importance of tamper-evident packaging and how shrink bands can help maintain consumer trust and product integrity.

Shrink bands, also known as tamper-evident bands, are bands made of PVC plastic and designed to encircle the openings of containers such as cosmetic bottles and makeup jars. These bands feature perforations for easy tearing and removal from the product. Once the band has been removed, it cannot be reattached, making it a highly effective method for securing product packaging against tampering.

Maintaining consumer trust is crucial in the realm of consumer purchasing behavior. Adopting tamper-evident shrink bands helps safeguard product integrity and reassure consumers that the item they are purchasing is new and untampered with.

Shrink bands are available in various sizes to cater to different container types.

Measuring Process

To determine the appropriate size of shrink wrap band for your cosmetic container, measure the widest circumference of the object, increase the measurement by 10-15%, and then divide the result by two.

For instance, if a cosmetic container has a circumference of 100 mm, the calculation would be as follows: 100x10%=10, add 10 to the circumference, which equals 110, and then divide by 2, resulting in 55 mm. Based on this calculation, the recommended shrink band would be SKU# 9540, with a width of 57mm. Opt for the larger width in cases where the calculation falls between two sizes.

Understanding Band Specifications

Shrink wrap bands are labeled with WIDTH x HEIGHT dimensions. Referring to the previous example, SKU# 9540 indicates a band size of 57 x 55, signifying a width of 57mm and a height of 55mm.

Installation Process

To apply the shrink wrap band, simply slide it over the designated area on the container, use a heat gun to apply heat, and watch as the band shrinks to conform to the container within moments. Adjust the height of the band if necessary for containers with low profiles or limited application space.

Prior to full-scale production, conduct trials using a batch of 50 shrink-wrap bands to ensure compliance and successful deployment.

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