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Which Size Cosmetic Jars Should I Choose?

Which Size Cosmetic Jars Should I Choose?

15ml-sqare-cosmetic-jar-beauty-container-silver-trim-window-cap-3083-f-nl.jpgWhen it comes to buying online, it seems that we sometimes have to purchase things on a wing and a prayer. While online purchases often take the guesswork out of the transaction because you don’t have to wander down aisle after aisle at store after store, it can sometimes be challenging to really visualize what you’re purchases will be like once they arrive. This is definitely true for sizes of cosmetic jars. Not only do they vary, but how do you know which one is right for your project? Let’s shed some light on this subject for you.

Start Small with Grams

If you’re not very familiar with the metric system, it may be hard to picture what a gram or milliliter is. Suffice to say they’re small measurements. So 3-gram cosmetic jars are quite tiny. Consider 3- to 5-gram jars for your samples. Samples are typically giveaways you offer to entice a customer to buy a larger size. You can put just enough in these cosmetic jars to give customers a taste so they’ll want more. Whether a lotion, ointment, gel, or lip color / balm, it will fit perfectly as a trial in these small containers.

Another great use for smaller sized cosmetic jars is gifting. If you’re an at-home creator of lotions and potions, you can make a large batch of lip balm or a yummy smelling lotion and divvy it up among a collection of small cosmetic jars. The price point is a good match for any budget, and you can give your handmade treasures to friends and family for holiday gifts, thank-you gifts, or even favors at a party, wedding, or event.

Gram-sized cosmetic jars range from 3 grams to 50 grams / ml, and while that may sound like a huge difference, remember that we’re dealing in small increments here. Yes, the 50 ml is larger than the 3 ml size, but you’re still not putting a large amount in any of these sizes. Think about the cosmetics you make and keep in small amounts: lip balm and color, rouge, eye shadow, purse-sized lotions, and oils. Smaller cosmetic jars are also a great solution as pill holders and for personal-sized condiments. These containers travel well, so keep that in mind for anything you need to fit in a purse or travel bag.

Move into Ounce-sized Cosmetic Jars

Once you outgrow the grams / milliliters, you graduate to the ounces sizes of cosmetic jars. These are a big jump from the smaller sizes and can hold much more. Rather than samples or small containers, ounce-sized cosmetic jars are the primary holders you’ll use for lotions at home. Think of the jars at the cosmetics counter for cold cream; that’s the size you’re looking at here.

In sizes ranging from 4 oz to 8 oz, you’ll find a size that’s perfect for your needs. To give you an indication of how much we’re looking at here, 4 oz is about ½ cup, while 8 oz is 1 cup. That’s in comparison to 1/3 cup or smaller in the gram-sized cosmetics jars.

While there is a higher investment in ounce cosmetics jars, these are the sizes that you’ll use to sell goods, so you’ll be able to recoup the cost in your markup. And there’s plenty of room for a beautiful label to brand your treasures. Use the cup equivalent as your guide and you’ll be sure to choose the perfect size.

Feel Confident Shopping

No matter if you’re looking to provide samples, tiny gifts, or ample amounts of custom lotions, Beauty Makeup Supply has just the cosmetics jars you need. Check out  all of our sizes and order today. Remember that we don’t have a minimum order size and inventory is available to ship immediately. And if you have questions, we’re here to help.