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How to Make Vegan Lip Balms and Turning Natural Lip Care Into a Home Base Business

How to Make Vegan Lip Balms and Turning Natural Lip Care Into a Home Base Business

Why homemade lip balms?

Lip balm is one of those must-have lip care products that most of us own more than one. We carry them in our pocket, purse, school bag, in the car, desk drawers, vanity and practically everywhere.

With an unhealthy lifestyle, chapped and dry lips are common concerns. In the process of searching for solutions, we often notice toxic ingredients in the lip care products that we found on the shelves of the drug stores or skincare boutiques.

Believe it or not, doing a DIY lip balm is not as difficult as you think. You can start with simple ingredients such as one type of wax, butter, and oil. With just three ingredients, you can easily make a homemade lip balm for yourself to enjoy.

The three basic vegan lip balm ingredients are shea butter, carnauba wax, and coconut oil. You certainly can substitute with any other butter, wax or oil of your choice. Melt all ingredients down in a double boiler then pour into lip balm tubes or lip balm container. 

Once you are comfortable with making lip balms for your own use, you can start to expand and look into the possibility of turning it into a part-time side business to generate extra income.

What are the ingredients, tools, and packaging for a lip balm business?

Ingredients (these are just ideas of the material you can use in the making)

Carnauba Wax

Candelilla Wax

Shea Butter

Mango Butter

Coconut Oil

Argan Oil

Evening Primrose Oil

Natural flavor oil


Glass beaker or Pyrex measuring cup

Small cooking pot



Lip balm tubes

Lip balm containers


Business cards

Always start with a small batch. Make clear notes of the ingredients and their weight. Document or video your making process. Test the batch on yourself or invite friends and family to test and get their input as to what they would like to have. Once you have come to the point that you are comfortable with the result, you can increase the batch size and start to fill and label the lip balms for sale.

How to market your lip balm business?

Now you have master the product and ready to put them on the market for sale. You can start marketing to friends, family, coworkers and people you know. Look into local farmers market and setup a small table at a very minimum cost for the whole day. Create a name that best describe your business and register for an Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest account. You don't need fancy cameras, your cell phone will do the job. Take photos of your completed products, your product making process, some behind the scenes shots and beautiful photos of yourself using the lip balm. Post the the photos to the social media site constantly and stay engaged with your followers.

Just remember to continue your research and refine your formula and stay engaged with your customers to show that you are serious about the product you are making.