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How To Design Skincare Packaging For My Brand

How To Design Skincare Packaging For My Brand

Visit the cosmetic department of any local department store any time of the year and get overwhelmed by the sights and smells of the vast range of cosmetic products and their unique packaging designs, all in their glamorous form.

The cosmetic departments in stores get brightly and colorfully illuminated, and it’s not hard to see why. Consumers get attracted by the stunningly designed cosmetic product packaging displayed on the shelves, leaving them spoilt for choice. Many buyers purchasing decision is mostly influenced by the quality of the skincare packaging design and how the products look and feel. Hence, it is no surprise that top skincare manufacturers invest heavily in getting the right skincare packaging, and you should follow suit.

So how can you design skincare packaging that shines in the eyes of consumers? There are a few things to put in mind before designing cosmetic packaging for your brand

  • Consider your customer. Who is your target audience? Factors to consider include skin type, age range, skin tone, and personal morals.
  • Create a unique brand identity. Tell your customer who you are. Unique brand identity not only sets you apart from the sea of cosmetic products in local stores but also increases customer loyalty. It gives them a good reason to choose your product over others.
  • Choose a remarkable and easy-to-remember brand name.

Creating an Appealing Visual Identity for Your Skincare Brand

Even if you have the most remarkable cosmetic product that delivers outstanding results, it will remain on the shelf for many years if it’s not appealing and attractive to the eyes. This is where product packaging comes into play. From the material and design to font choice and packaging, your products need to look the part.

So how do you create a unique visual identity? Here’s how

1. Material

Cosmetic products come in many different forms, including gel, liquid, and cream. Hence, you have a wide range of material choices for packaging: aluminum, glass, or plastic. Glass exudes luxury and a great choice if you have an expensive product. Plastics and aluminum are cheaper alternatives. One of the major drawbacks of aluminum material is that consumers can’t see its contents, unlike plastic and Glass. So choose wisely.

2. Crowning Glory

The tops and dispensers not only keep the contents in the container intact but also help in the proper dispensation of the product in the right amount. It should be aesthetically appealing and easy to open and close. Your choice of tops and dispensers determines the lifespan of your product to a large extent.

3. Design

This step involves creating an image using a combination of color palette, font styles, and prints. Choose an appealing color. You can decide to print directly on the container or use a label. In the design stage, include relevant product information that tells the customers what the product entails. Product information should answer the following questions

Is it

  • Dermatologically tested
  • Cruelty-free
  • Natural
  • Allergy-free
  • Hypoallergenic

Bottom Line

Your product’s got to stand out of the crowd to end up in a customer’s cart or bag. Make your skincare packaging design a knockout. Here are some ideas on Beauty Packaging.

19th Jun 2021 Beauty Makeup Supply

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